Terms of Services


The website represents the legal document which gives the terms and conditions of Beebop Music Promotions.
The terms and conditions apply to all users of the web site.

If there will be any change in the terms and conditions it will be displayed in the web site. Therefore, clients are instructed to refer to the website periodically.

Section 01 – Online Store Terms – By accepting the terms and conditions you agree that you are at the age of the majority of your province, you give your consent to your dependents to use the site and you accept that you will not use the site for any illegal activity.

Section 02 – General Conditions – You understand your unencrypted contents are transferred within our service at any time. Your credit card details are encrypted.

Section 03 – We reserve the right to cease our service to anyone at any time for any reason. You are not allowed to reproduce copy or sell any of the portions of our service without our written permission.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information published in the site and you must rely on the information at your own risk.

Section 04 – Modifications to the service and price – Prices of our products can be subjected to changes without prior notice. We reserve the right for modifications and changes of the prices at any time.

Section 05 – Products or Services – Certain products are available exclusively online. They can be exchange or return according to our policy. We do not warrant the quality and the corrections of the service. It depends on your own willingness.

Section 06 – Accuracy of billing and Accounts Information – We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any of the orders according to our wish. We attempt to make you aware of the situation in such a case and it is your responsibility to update your information through which we can contact you.

Section 07 – Optional Tools. You should be aware that we shall provide you access to third party tools.

Section 08 – Third party Links – We are not responsible for the contents of those tools provided by those third parties.

Section 09 – User comments, feedback and other submissions – If you make any submission at our request or without our request, we shall use them without any restrictions or editions. We are not obliged to make any payments for those submissions.

Section 10 – Personal Information – Your personal information is governed by our privacy policy.

Section 11 – Errors, Inaccuracies and Omissions – In such cases we reserve the right to correct or omit any tool or product of ours and we undertake no obligations for such corrections and omissions of yours or any other party except the requirement of law.

Section 12 – Prohibited uses – In additions to the prohibitions set forth in our terms and conditions you are prohibited to use our products for any illegal purpose forbidden by the law of your state or province. You must not transfer or upload any virus or other malicious codes of so-called type.

Section 13 – Disclaimer of warranties, Limitation of liabilities – We do not warrant the accuracy and reliability of the result you obtain from our products and any agents of ours is not responsible for any loss or injury.

Section 14 – Indemnifications – You agree to indemnify Beebop Music Promotions, our agents or any other third-party deals with you via our site in any case of loss or damage.

Section 15 – Severability – In case, any of these terms and conditions become unlawful it will be enforceable without any effect to the other terms.

Section 16 – Termination – Either parties is liable to terminate the agreement prior to the date of termination with a reasonable notification.

Section 17 – Entire Agreement – Any failure of ours to exercise or enforce these terms of service do not constitute a waiver for any party.

Section 18 – The terms and conditions mentioned here are governed by the valid law in USA.

Section 19 – We keep the right of changing and amending these terms in our hand. You will be informed about such norms in this web page.

Section 20 – Questions about the terms should be sent to beebopmusicpromotions@gmail.com